About FelipeRM Studio

Photograph of Felipe RM
This is me!

I find extremely attractive the almost unknown discoveries that a thoughtful and dedicated exploration can unleash.

I explore.

I enjoy design too. I find in the engineering and rationality behind the design a tool for the mind and a way to be truly useful for others.

I design things.

I love publishing, which means, I find on writing the best way to synthesize my thoughts and express my self.

I write.

The ‘horizon goal‘ of my studio, I mean, the long term day by day objective of my work is to publish design projects that put a light on phenomena that have caught my attention.

Just that simple.

Do you want to do a collaboration? Do you need some help with some design problem? Or simply want to talk?

Send me a message: hola@feliperm.studio

Thanks for reading ☺

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